[Rainmeter] section

The [Rainmeter] section of a skin defines options for the entire skin.

Note: The [Rainmeter] section does not support Dynamic Variables or changes using the !SetOption bang.

General Options

Update Default: 1000

Defines the update interval of the skin in milliseconds. On each update, meters and measures are updated, and the skin is redrawn.

The lowest possible effective value for Update is "16". Some care should be taken to only use very low update rates (less than 100) when really needed, and to balance a low Update with DefaultUpdateDivider, or UpdateDivider on individual measures and meters, in order to keep the CPU usage by Rainmeter as low as possible.

Using -1 will update the skin only once on load (or on refresh). The skin can then be manually updated using the !Update bang.

Note: While Update=1000 will update the skin "once a second", Update is not related to the system clock, and if a computer is busy or a complicated skin takes longer than the interval to complete a full update of the skin, updates can be unreliable in relation to elapsed time. Do not use the Update value to control clocks or other timing sensitive functions.

DefaultUpdateDivider Default: 1

Default number of updates at which skin measure and meter values are updated. The Update option is multiplied by the specified value to determine how often measures and meters are updated.

Example: If Update=1000 and DefaultUpdateDivider=30, then by default all measures and meters are updated every 30 seconds.

If DefaultUpdateDivider=-1 or any negative number, then by default all measures and meter are only updated once when the skin is loaded or refreshed.

Note: This option is designed to set a default UpdateDivider for all measures and meters in the skin. It can be overridden by setting UpdateDivider on individual measures or meters. This option should be used when a low Update is desired to support animations or other skin elements requiring rapid update, while avoiding having to manually set an UpdateDivider on a great many other measures and meters that do not need to be updated as quickly.

AccurateText Default: 0

If set to 1, String meters are measured and rendered using improved padding and character spacing similar to that provided by Direct2D.

DynamicWindowSize Default: 0

If set to 1, the window size is adjusted on each update to fit the meters.

DragMargins Default: 0,0,0,0

Uses 4 values separated by commas to define the area from where the window can be dragged. The values define a margin of non-draggable area. It's also possible to use negative numbers in which case the margin is calculated from the opposite side. E.g. DragMargins=0,-100,0,0.


Action to execute when the skin is loaded or refreshed.


Action to execute on each Update of the skin.


Action to execute when the skin is unloaded or when Rainmeter is closed.


Action to execute when the skin recieves focus in Windows (set by clicking the mouse on the skin).


Action to execute when the skin loses focus in Windows.


Action to execute when Windows returns from the sleep or hibernate states.

TransitionUpdate Default: 100

Defines the update time in milliseconds for meter transitions. While a transition is active the meter will update at this rate. Currently, only the Bitmap meter supports meter transitions.

ToolTipHiddenDefault: 0

If set to 1, all tooltips in the skin will be hidden. More information on tooltips.


Defines a group or series of groups that the skin belongs to. For more information please see the Groups page.

Background options

General image options

All general image options are valid for Background except Tile, which is handled with BackgroundMode.


Path of a background image file.

BackgroundMode Default: 1

Defines the background mode for the skin. Valid values are:

  • 0 : Image as defined by Background
  • 1 : Transparent background
  • 2 : Fill with a solid color
  • 3 : Fill by scaling image as defined by Background
  • 4 : Fill by tiling image as defined by Background

BackgroundMode=2 : The color is set by adding a SolidColor option.

BackgroundMargins Default: 0,0,0,0

If BackgroundMode=3, defines margins of the Background image that are not scaled. The parameters are left,top,right,bottom.

Example: BackgroundMargins=0,10,0,20.
10 pixels from the top and 20 pixels from the bottom of the image are not scaled.

SolidColor, SolidColor2 Default: 0,0,0,0

This option will specify the background color when BackgroundMode=2. If SolidColor2 is also specified, the background is a gradient composed of SolidColor and SolidColor2.

Hint: SolidColor=0,0,0,1 can be used to make transparent areas of the background clickable.


Angle of the gradient in degrees (for SolidColor and SolidColor2) when BackgroundMode=2.

BevelType Default: 0

If enabled, draws a bevel around the edges of the entire skin when BackgroundMode=2. Valid values are:

  • 0: No bevel
  • 1: Raised
  • 2: Sunken

Context options

ContextTitle, ContextTitle2, ContextTitle3...

If not blank, adds an item to the skin's context menu under "Custom skin actions". Up to 15 ContextTitleN options are allowed, with up to 30 characters per option. Additional characters are truncated with an ellipsis (...). If more than 3 ContextTitleN options are given, "Custom skin actions" becomes a submenu. If a ContextTitleN option is not valid, all subsequent ContextTitleN options are ignored. In addition, if more than 3 options are given, and the value of ContextTitleN includes only dashes (-), the item is displayed as a separator.

Note: Variables in ContextTitleN are always dynamic. Variable values are read at the time the context menu is opened.

ContextAction, ContextAction2, ContextAction3...

Action triggered by clicking the corresponding ContextTitleN item. ContextActionN is required for ContextTitleN to be valid, unless the item is a separator.

Note: Variables in ContextActionN are always dynamic. Variable values are read at the time the context menu item is clicked.

Aero Blur options

Blur Default: 0

Set to 1 to enable Aero Blur on Windows Vista or Windows 7 operating systems. If no BlurRegions are specified, the entire skin background is blurred. Note that Windows 8 has removed this capability.

BlurRegion, BlurRegion2, ..., BlurRegionN

Defines areas and shapes of the one or more regions of the skin to be blurred. The format of the option is: BlurRegion=Type, TopX, TopY, BottomX, BottomY ,Radius.

Valid values for Type are:

  • 0 : Region is disabled
  • 1 : Rectangular region
  • 2 : Rectangular region with rounded corners (requires Radius)
  • 3 : Elliptical region

The parameters following Type define the size and shape of the region. They are, in order:

  • TopX : Top left horizontal point in the skin
  • TopY : Top left vertical point in the skin
  • BottomX : Bottom right horizontal point in the skin
  • BottomY : Bottom right vertical point in the skin
  • Radius : Radius of the corners of rounded rectangles (required for Type=2)

Note: Aero Blur options can be dynamically controlled with several bangs.


; BlurRegion creates a rectangle starting at 10 pixels from the left, 10 pixels down from the top, and ending at 190 pixels to the right, 50 pixels from the top.


LeftMouseUpAction=[!AddBlur "1,0,0,200,80"]

Deprecated options


The author of the skin.

Note: This option is deprecated. Author should be defined in the [Metadata] section of the skin.


Defines the minimum version of Rainmeter required to use the skin. The formula to calculate the value is: major * 1000000 + minor1 * 1000 + minor2.

Note: This option is deprecated. Use the version capabilities in Skin Packager.

LocalFont, LocalFont2, ...

Loads the specified TTF font files for use with FontFace in String meters.

Note: This option is deprecated. Use the @Resources\Fonts folder instead.