iTunes plugin

Plugin=iTunesPlugin retrieves the currently playing track infromation from the iTunes application.

Note: The iTunes plugin is deprecated. Use the NowPlaying plugin instead.


General measure options
All general measure options are valid.
Defines the information to measure. Valid values are:
  • GetSoundVolume: Player volume between 0 - 100.
  • GetPlayerPosition: Player position in seconds.
  • GetPlayerPositionPercent: Player position as a percentage.
  • GetCurrentTrackAlbum: Album.
  • GetCurrentTrackArtist: Artist.
  • GetCurrentTrackBitrate Bitrate.
  • GetCurrentTrackBPM: Beats per minute.
  • GetCurrentTrackComment: Track comment.
  • GetCurrentTrackComposer: Track composer.
  • GetCurrentTrackEQ: EQ preset name.
  • GetCurrentTrackGenre: Genre (category).
  • GetCurrentTrackKindAsString: File description.
  • GetCurrentTrackName: Track name.
  • GetCurrentTrackRating: Rating from 0 - 100.
  • GetCurrentTrackSampleRate: Sample rate.
  • GetCurrentTrackSize: File size.
  • GetCurrentTrackTime: Length of the track.
  • GetCurrentTrackTrackCount: Number of tracks on the album.
  • GetCurrentTrackTrackNumber: Track number or index.
  • GetCurrentTrackYear: Track year.
  • GetCurrentTrackArtwork: Artwork file path. Use in combination with DefaultArtwork.
Path of the artwork folder relative to the skin folder. Used with Command=GetCurrentTrackArtwork.


iTunes measures can be controlled with the !CommandMeasure bang with the argument parameter being:

  • Backtrack: Reposition to the beginning of the current track, or go to the previous track if already at start of current track.
  • FastForward: Skip forward in a playing track.
  • NextTrack: Advance to the next track in the current playlist.
  • Pause: Pause playback.
  • Play: Play the currently targeted track.
  • PlayPause: Toggle the playing/paused state of the current track.
  • PreviousTrack: Return to the previous track in the current playlist.
  • Resume: Disable fast forward/rewind and resume playback if playing.
  • Rewind: Skip backwards in a playing track.
  • Stop: Stop playback.
  • Power: Open/close iTunes application.
  • Quit: Exit the iTunes application.
  • SoundVolumeUp: Turn the volume up 5%.
  • SoundVolumeDown: Turn the volume down 5%.
  • ToggleiTunes: Show/hide iTunes window.