Basic Tutorials

This is the first series of tutorials for Rainmeter. It is meant to follow Getting Started and assumes that you have gone through the steps described there. If you have not been through these steps, you should start here.

This series starts by creating a simple first skin, then covers the anatomy of Rainmeter skins, focusing on each of the basic skin properties in turn:

  • Meters
    A skin's display elements. How to create objects that can be seen and clicked.

  • Measures
    A skin's informational elements. How to pull data from your computer or the Internet.

  • Bangs
    A skin's interactive elements. How to send commands to Rainmeter or other applications.

  • Updates
    A skin's internal clock. How to control the timing and synchronicity of skin events.

  • Variables
    A skin's data elements. How to manipulate independent strings that are used to store many kinds of information.

This series is in development. Check back soon for the first installment.