[Rainmeter] section

The [Rainmeter] section of Rainmeter.ini defines global options.



Fully qualified path to the skins folder.

ConfigEditor Default: Notepad

Defines the path to the text editor used to edit Rainmeter's configuration files when "Edit Skin" or "Edit Settings" is chosen from the context menu or Manage. Relative paths can be used here, which may be useful for portable installs.

Note: This should always be a plain text editing application, and should never be any "word processing" program like Word or Wordpad. More fully-featured alternatives to the default Windows Notepad are discussed at Notepad Alternatives.

TrayIcon Default: 1

Set to 0 to remove the notification area (tray) icon.

Note: If all skins are unloaded, the notification area icon will appear, regardless of this setting, in order to avoid a situation where you can't interact with Rainmeter at all.

TrayExecuteM, TrayExecuteR, TrayExecuteDM, TrayExecuteDR

Action to be executed when clicking or double-clicking the Middle or Right mouse buttons on the notification area icon. Left-clicking the icon will always load the Manage dialog.

Note: TrayExecuteR will override the context menu that normally appears (hold CTRL and right-click to force context menu).


Defines the area for maximized windows.

With multiple monitors, use DesktopWorkArea@N (where N is the number of the monitor) to set the work area of a specifc monitor. DesktopWorkArea and DesktopWorkArea@0 both represent the primary monitor.

Note: Moving the taskbar will reset the workarea to Windows' default, as will changing screen resolution.

DesktopWorkAreaType Default: 0

If set to 1, DesktopWorkArea will be define margins relative to the edges of the screen.

Example: With DesktopWorkAreaType=0 and DesktopWorkArea=10,20,600,500, maximized windows will use an area of 600x500 pixels, which is located 10 pixels from the left and 20 pixels from the top of the screen. With DesktopWorkAreaType=1 and DesktopWorkArea=10,20,30,40, the area for maximized windows will be 10 pixels from the left, 20 pixels from the top, 30 pixels from the right, and 40 pixels from the bottom of the screen.

Logging Default: 0

If set to 1, the log will be saved to a file.

Debug Default: 0

If set to 1, logging will be more verbose. Use Debug=1 only when needed, as it degrades performance.

DisableVersionCheck Default: 0

If set to 1, checking for new updates will be disabled.

DisableAutoUpdate Default: 0

If set to 1, automatic installation of new updates will be disabled.

DisableDragging Default: 0

If set to 1, sets the draggable state of all active skins to prevent dragging skins with the mouse.

SelectedColor Default: 255,0,0,90

A color code used to define the color and transparency of the overlay when a skin is selected in a Drag Group.

NormalStayDesktop Default: 1

This keeps the skins in the correct "Z order" when the Windows "Show Desktop" button is clicked. When 0, the "Z order" of all the skins might get out of order.

DisableRDP Default: 0

If 1, the skins will not redraw while in a remote session (RDP).

Language Default: 1033

LCID language code by the Rainmeter dialogs to display text in different languages. Visit the Localization page for a list of languages that Rainmeter supports.

HardwareAcceleration Default: 0

Instructs Rainmeter to use the GPU hardware acceleration for drawing. See the Settings tab in the Manage dialog for more information.