iTunes plugin

Plugin=iTunesPlugin retrieves the currently playing track infromation from the iTunes application.

Plugin Deprecated

This plugin has been deprecated, and should not be used in new skins.

The NowPlaying measure should be used in place of this.


General measure options
All general measure options are valid.
Defines the information to measure. Valid values are:
  • GetSoundVolume: Player volume between 0 - 100.
  • GetPlayerPosition: Player position in seconds.
  • GetPlayerPositionPercent: Player position as a percentage.
  • GetCurrentTrackAlbum: Album.
  • GetCurrentTrackArtist: Artist.
  • GetCurrentTrackBitrate Bitrate.
  • GetCurrentTrackBPM: Beats per minute.
  • GetCurrentTrackComment: Track comment.
  • GetCurrentTrackComposer: Track composer.
  • GetCurrentTrackEQ: EQ preset name.
  • GetCurrentTrackGenre: Genre (category).
  • GetCurrentTrackKindAsString: File description.
  • GetCurrentTrackName: Track name.
  • GetCurrentTrackRating: Rating from 0 - 100.
  • GetCurrentTrackSampleRate: Sample rate.
  • GetCurrentTrackSize: File size.
  • GetCurrentTrackTime: Length of the track.
  • GetCurrentTrackTrackCount: Number of tracks on the album.
  • GetCurrentTrackTrackNumber: Track number or index.
  • GetCurrentTrackYear: Track year.
  • GetCurrentTrackArtwork: Artwork file path. Use in combination with DefaultArtwork.
Path of the artwork folder relative to the skin folder. Used with Command=GetCurrentTrackArtwork.


iTunes measures can be controlled with the !CommandMeasure bang with the argument parameter being:

  • Backtrack: Reposition to the beginning of the current track, or go to the previous track if already at start of current track.
  • FastForward: Skip forward in a playing track.
  • NextTrack: Advance to the next track in the current playlist.
  • Pause: Pause playback.
  • Play: Play the currently targeted track.
  • PlayPause: Toggle the playing/paused state of the current track.
  • PreviousTrack: Return to the previous track in the current playlist.
  • Resume: Disable fast forward/rewind and resume playback if playing.
  • Rewind: Skip backwards in a playing track.
  • Stop: Stop playback.
  • Power: Open/close iTunes application.
  • Quit: Exit the iTunes application.
  • SoundVolumeUp: Turn the volume up 5%.
  • SoundVolumeDown: Turn the volume down 5%.
  • ToggleiTunes: Show/hide iTunes window.