User Interface

Rainmeter can be controlled using several user interface windows built into the application. Choose one of the items to see details on how they are used to operate the application, install, load and manage skins, monitor and debug during skin editing, and save and load the current skin layout and settings.


The primary management tool for Rainmeter. Load and unload skins, control settings for the application and skins, load and save layouts and more.


Much more than the usual simple About dialog in applications, the About window in Rainmeter provides powerful tools for monitoring the current status of the application and skins. Monitor the log file for information and errors, watch current values of variables and measures for running skins, and view the status and version of the application and plugins.

Context Menus

In addition to the Manage window, Rainmeter can be completely controlled from context menu items available by right-clicking the application's notification area (system tray) icon or an individual skin on the screen.

Rainmeter Safe Start

If you have installed a skin that is preventing Rainmeter from starting, or is crashing Rainmeter as soon as it starts, you can hold down the CTRL key while running the shortcut or .exe for Rainmeter, and it will offer to Safe Start Rainmeter.

What this will do is unload all active skins, and load the default Illustro Layout that comes with Rainmeter.

This does not remove or in any way harm the skins you have, but simply loads the default Illustro Layout. Your current setup will be saved as a Layout in @Backup.