General Image Options

Options available for use with all images. These options are to modify the display of an image file, and do not work with square/rectangle Image meters created entirely with SolidColor / SolidColor2.

Note: Valid image file types in Rainmeter are .png, .jpg, .bmp, .gif, .tif and .ico. If no extension is provided on an image file name, .png is assumed.



Folder path where an image is located. (e.g. ImagePath=#@#Images\)


Crops out and uses a defined part of the image. The option value should be in the form: X, Y, W, H, Origin.

Origin is optional and can be set to one of the following:

  • 1 : Top left (default)
  • 2 : Top right
  • 3 : Bottom right
  • 4 : Bottom left
  • 5 : Center

A way to envision what ImageCrop is doing is:


Start at the Origin of 5 or "Center". Then move -50 pixels left (negative number is left, positive number is right) and -30 pixels up (negative number is up, positive number is down). Then capture 100 pixels of width, and 60 pixels of height, and that is the new image. This will crop and use 100 X 60 pixels of the center of the image.


ImageCrop is done before any resizing of the image with the W and H general meter options. If W and H are set, the new "cropped" image will be resized to fit.

If W and H are not defined, ImageCrop will change the size of the entire meter container to the size of the "cropped" image.

Greyscale Default: 0

If set to 1, the image is greyscaled. (color desaturated)

ImageTint Default: 255,255,255,255

Color to tint the image with. If the alpha value is specified, the image can be made semi-transparent (0 means invisible, 255 mean fully opaque). The default value (255,255,255,255 for opaque white) and leaves the image unaltered.

Note: Combining Greyscale and ImageTint recolors the image to the specified color. Without Greyscale, the specified color is added to the image (i.e. the original image color is tinted).

ImageAlpha Default: 255

Opacity of the image ranging from 0 (invisible) to 255 (opaque). If set, this overrides the alpha component specified in ImageTint.

ImageFlip Default: None

Flips the image. Valid values are None, Horizontal, Vertical or Both.

ImageRotate Default: 0.0

Rotates the image by the specified angle in degrees. Negative angles can be used for counter-clockwise rotation.

UseExifOrientation Default: 0

If set to 1, the image is rotated based on the EXIF data encoded in the image by a camera.


Defines a 5x5 matrix used to manipulate the color values of the image. It is divided into five separate options, one for each row, each numbered. The default matrix is as follows:

ColorMatrix1=1; 0; 0; 0; 0
ColorMatrix2=0; 1; 0; 0; 0
ColorMatrix3=0; 0; 1; 0; 0
ColorMatrix4=0; 0; 0; 1; 0
ColorMatrix5=0; 0; 0; 0; 1

The values on the main diagonal are, from top-left to bottom-right: Red, Green, Blue, Alpha and a placeholder. The values represent the percentage of the particular value present in the image, where 0.0 is none and 1.0 is normal. The remaining entries in the matrix allow a color to have its value modified in terms of another color (e.g. the value of Red might have half of the Blue value added), with the entries in the final row (ColorMatrix5) determining offset values that are added directly to the color (e.g. ColorMatrix5=0.5; 0; 0; 0; 1 adds 50% to the red value).

See also: ColorMatrix Guide.