Plugins are dynamic link library (.dll) programs specifically written to provide additional functionality not built into Rainmeter.


Plugins are used with a Plugin measure in the skin. All of the general measure options are valid with the measure, as well as additional options which are specific to each plugin.

Click on any of the plugins listed to learn more about the purpose and options for each.

Custom Plugins

3rd-party plugins developed for Rainmeter but not included with the installation may be used. Normally these would be distributed with a skin and installed using the Rainmeter Skin Installer, but may be manually installed by placing the .dll file in the Plugins folder under the settings path for the Rainmeter installation.

Note: Any 3rd-party plugin .dll must have been compiled for the same 32bit or 64bit architecture as the version of Rainmeter it is used with.

Those interested in creating 3rd-party plugins for Rainmeter can find more information and source code templates for both C++ and C# at Developers.