Skin sections

Skin sections in Rainmeter.ini (e.g. [illustro\Clock]) define options for how the skin is loaded and displayed in Rainmeter.

The skin is defined in Rainmeter.ini using the Config name.



The current active state of the config. If Active is 0, the config is inactive. If a number other than 0, the active skin .ini or variant is the file in alphabetical order in the config folder.

WindowX, WindowY

The X and Y position of the skin. A trailing % sign indicates that the value is a percentage of the screen width. A trailing R will make the position relative to the right edge of the screen instead of the left. A trailing B will make the position relative to the bottom edge of the screen instead of the top.

The % and R / B modifiers can be used together.

By default the position is relative to the primary screen. You can override this with @N where N is 0 to 32 and denotes which screen to position the skin on (1-32) or the virtual desktop (0). The screen selection will apply to both WindowX and WindowY if the value is set on only one of them.

AnchorX, AnchorY

By default WindowX and WindowY control the position of the upper left corner of the config window. AnchorX and AnchorY allow that anchor position to be changed. The Anchor can be defined in pixels from the upper left corner of the window or as a percentage of the config if % is used. If a letter R or B is added to AnchorX or AnchorY, then the position is relative to the right or bottom edge of the window.

As an example, by setting WindowX, WindowY, AnchorX and AnchorY all to 50% the config will be truly centered in the primary monitor regardless of screen resolution or aspect ratio.

SavePosition Default: 1

If set to 1, changes to the window position will be saved to Rainmeter.ini.

AlwaysOnTop Default: 0

Defines the Z-position of the skin. Valid values are:

  • 2: Always on top. The skin will be on top of all (including topmost) windows.
  • 1: On top. The skin will be on top of normal windows.
  • 0: Normal. The skin will stay visible when showing the desktop and will be brought to the foreground on click.
  • -1: Bottom. The skin will stay behind other windows.
  • -2: On desktop. Similar to 0 except that the skin will stick to the desktop and cannot be brought to the foreground.

Draggable Default: 1

If set to 1, the skin can be dragged around with the mouse.

SnapEdges Default: 1

If set to 1, the skin will snap onto screen edges and other skins when moved. To disable snapping temporarily, hold the CTRL key down while moving the skin.

HideOnMouseOver Default: 0

If set to 1, the skin will disappear when the cursor is over it and reappear when the cursor is moved away. To temporarily disable this behaviour, hold the CTRL down when moving the cursor.

StartHidden Default: 0

If set to 1, the skin will start hidden. The !Show bang must be used to show the skin.

AlphaValue Default: 255

Sets the transparency of the skin. Valid values range from 0 (fully transparent) to 255 (solid).

FadeDuration Default: 250

Defines the length of the fade duration in milliseconds when activating/deactivating the skin or when the fade bangs are used.

ClickThrough Default: 0

If set to 1, mouse clicks will pass through the skin. To temporary disable this, hold the CTRL key when clicking.

KeepOnScreen Default: 1

If set to 1, the skin will be kept within the bounds of the screen.

UseD2D Default: 1

Used to override the global UseD2D rendering setting for an individual skin.

If set to 1 (default), UseD2D is enabled for this skin. If set to 0, UseD2D is disabled for this skin, and the older GDI+ rendering engine will be used.

Note: This selection will be disabled if the system does not support Direct2D.

LoadOrder Default: 0

Determines the order in which the skins are loaded. The value can be any number (even negative). Skins with the lowest load order are loaded first.

Example: Three skins having LoadOrder=-1, LoadOrder=2 and LoadOrder=5 would load the configs in that order, with the config with LoadOrder=-1 appearing beneath the one with LoadOrder=2 which is in turn beneath the config containing LoadOrder=5. If two configs have the same value for LoadOrder, they are then loaded in the order they are in Rainmeter.ini.

Note: The value of LoadOrder has no bearing on the Z-position of the skin. LoadOrder only affects how skins in the same Z-position interact with each other. That is to say, configs set to "Topmost" will always appear above configs set to "Normal", but two configs in "Topmost" will layer themselves according to their LoadOrder value.

AutoSelectScreen Default: 0

If set to 1, the WindowX/WindowY "@N" settings are dynamically set based on the position of the meter's window. This setting will reset to 0 when a monitor is selected in the Manage window or on the skins context menu.


Defines a group or series of groups that the skin belongs to. For more information please see the Groups page.