[TrayMeasure] section

The [TrayMeasure] section defines a measure for the notification area icon. To use the default Rainmeter icon, remove the [TrayMeasure] section completely.



Type of the measure to be shown as the tray icon. The measure must return values between some limits.

TrayMeterDefault: Histogram

The manner in which the measure is depicted. This can be either Histogram or Bitmap.

TrayColor1Default: 0,100,0

Background color for TrayMeter=Histogram.

TrayColor2Default: 0,255,0

Foreground color for TrayMeter=Histogram.


Path to the tray icon bitmap file for TrayMeter=Bitmap. Defines the name of the bitmap used when Bitmap is chosen for TrayMeter. The bitmap can have any number of 16x16 frames.

It is possible to use separate icon files as the tray bitmap. %i can be used in the filename to define an increasing number from 1. E.g. TrayBitmap=tray-%i.ico would read the icons files tray-1.ico, tray-2.ico, tray-3.ico and so on as long as it can find them. The format is like printf. (e.g. TrayBitmap=tray-%02i.ico will load tray-01.ico, tray-02.ico, ...)

A simple Measure that returns a single value, combined with a TrayBitmap path and name of a single 16x16 .ico file can be used to replace the default tray icon with a custom one.

Note: The path to a bitmap image or .ico files is a relative path from the main Skins\ folder (i.e. TrayBitmap=Icons\MyIcon.ico.)


Show total network activity as a histogram.


Replace the default tray icon with a custom one.